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Real-Time* Anti-SIM Block

FREE up to 32 channels!

One of the most common ways mobile operators block your gateway SIM cards is by placing "test calls" also known as "ghost calls" or "trace calls" through your VOIP/GSM route. When they place calls and the CLI doesn't match, they know your SIM is in a SIMBOX and they block your SIM.

At SIMSHIELD, we detect those damaging "test calls" and we block them from entering your GSM routes, so the mobile operators can't see your SIM cards operating. We use advanced CDR analysis algorithms, we look at call diversity, call integrity, call durations, origination points, termination points, callout frequency, numbering plan anomalies, HLR registration status, and more. Each of these datapoints help us identify "test calls" and we block them automatically for you.

Pricing: (includes free configuration)

1 to 32 channels:        Free

32 to 128 channels:    $199/month

128 to 265 channels:  $399/month

256+ channels:           $699/month

Want a quick Anti-SIM block demo?
Upload your CDRs below and we'll show you the numbers that are blocking your SIM cards.
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